85 Wholesale Flush Tea Sachets
March 13, 2023
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May 26, 2023

100 Wholesale Flush Tea Sachets



100 Wholesale Priced Flush Teas plus a complimentary eating plan. Place your own label (re-brand and sell at the recommended price or price at your own discretion). Start your own business. Manage and Scale own Brand with ease. NB. Purchase each sachet at R133.00 for the normal retail price of R180.00.

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Be your own boss with  100 Wholesale Priced Flush Teas plus a complimentary eating plan. 

This is an opportunity for you to resell the Flush Tea,  the leading natural herb agent for fat loss. Buy today in Bulk  for resell.

The Flush Tea will provide the following:

  • Clean the colon-removing excess waste;
  • Detoxifying the liver;
  • Reduce inflammation or bloating,
  • Detoxify the liver,
  • Reduces appetite,
  • Lose unwanted body fat.

Flush Tea:  Main ingredients tea: Senna and burdock.


The Flush Tea is flushing agent, continuously removing excess waste and water from the body. Also, an outstanding booster for the digestive system. Leaving skin cleared as an added benefit. The main ingredients are senna and burdock. The products may be taken by individuals 16 years and older.


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