Spring-Summer body combo ( Full body fat loss & cellulite reduction)
August 22, 2022
Summer Eating Plan
January 30, 2023

Body Revamp Combo (Full body fat loss & cellulite reduction + brewing pot)



Off Combo

The combination products aids in the following: cleaning the colon-removing excess waste; detoxifying the liver; reducing inflammation or bloating, detoxifying the liver, reducing appetite, and losing unwanted body fat. The products are taken in the morning (as soon as you) and in the evening (an hour before bedtime). The main ingredients are senna and burdock, sunflower and linseeds.

Brewing Pot for FlushTea use only

How to use:

  1. Remove the infuser from the brewing pot (small glass inside the brewing pot);
  2. Place a level tablespoon of dry herbs into the infuser;
  • Pour hot water into the brewing pot;
  1. Re-insert the infuser inside the brewing pot with the herbs;
  2. Allow the herbs to brew for 5-10mins and enjoy.


Meal Replacement

Simply replace a meal with the OFF Shake (Either breakfast OR lunch OR dinner). NB. (1 & 1/2 spoons; please add- one and half spoons)

We recommend replacing dinner with the OFF shake.

Cellulite reduction capsules

Take three capsules after breakfast or dinner and use the dry brush as prescribed.

The capsules reduce the appearance of cellulite, please take three capsules after breakfast or lunch. The main ingredients are vitamin C and collagen


Body Revamp Combo R1310-00 excl. delivery (1 Month Supply)

Fat Loss Results: (Full body fat loss & cellulite reduction + brewing pot)

  • x1 OFF Combo
  • x1 Meal Replacement
  • x1 Brewing Pot
  • 1x Cellulite reduction combo
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