O.F.F Combo (Starts working on the tummy, then the whole body)
March 9, 2022
Weight Maintenance Combo (2x FlushMixes – Goal reached – keep the fat OFF)
March 9, 2022

Flush Tea Combo (2x FlushTeas – For constipated, stubborn metabolic rate)


FlushTea Combo(2x FlushTeas – For constipated, stubborn metabolic rate) Main ingredients tea: Senna and budorck.
Main ingredients for flush mix: Sunflower & Linseeds. Side Effects: Minor headaches should you not drink the recommended amount of water. We support you with a recommended reasonable eating plan. No exercise required.


Results: Fast results for swollen legs and extreme flushing


The FlushTea is flushing agent, continuously removing excess waste and water from the body. Also, an outstanding booster for the digestive system. Leaving skin cleared as an added benefit. The main ingredients are senna and burdock.

FlushTea Combo (2x Flush Tea – 1 month supply) The products may be taken by individuals 16 years and older. Instructions NB. The Flush Tea Combo is ZAR 350.00 plus ZAR 100.00 delivery fee.

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