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Consuming more dry or fresh  organic or conventional herbs has been a consistent link to weight-loss because they are high in fiber and nutrients, which can help control appetite. One of our main ingredients is Senna herb, a medicinal plant that contains natural laxative substances, and a major function to relief from constipation.  Also provides an agent that removes toxins from the human body and aids in weight loss. The most common application for senna tea is to stimulate bowel movements and alleviate constipation.

Sunflower seeds are one of our wraps' main ingredient, a healthy addition to the diet, providing essential nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. They are a suitable source of fiber and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As a good source of minerals, sunflower seeds may support healthy bones and skin. Sunflowers are rich in healthy fats, beneficial plant compounds, and several vitamins and minerals that may play a role in reducing your risk of common health problems, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

"The Fat Flush Plan is a type of diet and “detox” regimen. Popular among people who are looking to lose weight fast and detox the body of toxins."


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B urdock root is a good source of antioxidants, which are chemical compounds that help protect your cells from damage. And as an anti-inflammatory, burdock root may also help reduce your risk of chronic diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and maybe even some cancers.

One of the most common uses for burdock root has been to purify the blood. Burdock root contains active ingredients in its root system that can remove toxins from the bloodstream. Burdock root effectively detoxifies blood and promotes increased circulation in the surface of the skin

Burdock root is rich in antioxidants and may be used as a natural remedy for a variety of conditions. It’s also available as a tea, root, powder, or extract and can be incorporated into many recipes.

Burdock root is a vegetable native to Northern Asia and Europe, though it now grows in the United States. The burdock plant’s deep roots are very long and vary in color from beige to brown and nearly black on the outside. Burdock root has been used for centuries in holistic medicine to treat a variety of different conditions. Traditionally, it’s been most commonly used as a diuretic and a digestive aid

Experience nature's gift with our Range: excellent sources of several nutrients — including vitamin E and selenium — and beneficial plant compounds that can help prevent chronic diseases.

L inseeds is our fouth main ingredient in our wraps and supplements. One serving of flaxseed provides a good amount of protein, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids. It may help lower the risk of some cancers, help maintain a health weight, and reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.


One way to use this seed is by mixing it into my morning smoothie. It also makes an excellent addition to pancake batter, homemade veggie burgers, and even overnight oats. What’s more, it’s loaded with nutrients and linked to numerous benefits.

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Every body can be beautiful, and nature has made that possible. With Organic Fat Flush you will not only experience amazing results fast, you will smile more, be happier and radiate a positive energy. Our herbal wraps will help you manage your weight, purify and stabilize your blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure, help protect against cancer among many other benefits. Experience Nature's Gift.